• Q. I don't receive mybappo emails

    * Check your email account’s “Spam” or “Junk” folders to ensure the message was not filtered. *make sure that your email address is listed correctly *if you're still not receiving mybappo emails, send us an email to support@mybappo.com.

  • Q. Someone created a fake account with my name

    please send us an email to support@mybappo.com and provide the following information, so that we may investigate and assist further: • Your name • Mobile number • Any relevant details to help us during our investigation.

  • Q. How much does the general user pay for mybappo?

    The social calendar with all it's amazing features is free for the general user.

  • Q. I can't upload a picture

    Please check image type and size.

  • Q. Can I log in to my account from a different device ?

    Yes, your account isn't bound to your computer, you can use one account on different computers.

  • Q. Do I need to download any software to view mybappo?

    No you don’t, viewing mybappo doesn’t require any software installation.

  • Q. Is there a mobile app for mybappo?

    Our mobile app will be launched soon.

  • Q. What are mybappo messages?

    All mybappo users can send and receive messages to each other wether they are users or business via mybappo messages.

  • Q. Who can check my calendar, agenda, and board?

    You can control your mybappo account from your profile settings / my info to show / hide your information with others.

  • Q. Is my data secure?

    Your data is safely stored on our servers and backed up regularly, we also keep a log of all actions performed by all accounts.

  • Q. How can I use voucher?

    By making appointment right after you grab the voucher or according to the terms applied by the issuer. Don’t forget to check voucher terms and condition.

  • Q. How much should I pay for the voucher?

    All vouchers are free, but you must make an appointment to grab the voucher.

  • Q. How many vouchers I can use per certain time?

    Each business determines voucher terms and conditions, so you should read the voucher details carefully.

  • Q. How do I know that my booking or appointment is confirmed?

    You will receive a note in the notifications are, you will also receive a notification email if that setting is enabled.

  • Q. Can I cancel my appointment?

    Yes, you can cancel and modify your appointment at any time. However, a notification message will be sent to the business.

  • Q. Can I request a call back when making an appointment or booking?

    Yes, you can if the business allow this feature in their calendar, don't forget to tick call back option when you make an appointment or booking, otherwise you can call the business for any inquiries.

  • Q. What can others see on my calendar?

    You can select what information you wish to share with others on your calendar.

  • Q. I feel that there is an abuse from an account on mybappo

    You can report any abuse by sending an email to support@mybappo.com.

  • Q. How can I find friends on mybappo?

    You can search for friends / mates using their names if they have mybappo accounts or you can invite them via email or Facebook.

  • Q. I accepted a mate request by mistake from someone I don’t know.

    You can delete or block any account in your mates list at any time.

  • Q. Can I synchronize mybappo calendar with other calendars?

    Yes, you can synchronize mybappo to another calendar. All what you have to do is to enter your email in calendar synchronization field when you set your profile.

  • Q. Can I share some parts of mybappo on other social media platforms?

    Yes, you can share these magnificent features on your social media pages, Just follow the share icon.

  • Q. I am not receiving mybappo emails

    *check your email account’s “Spam” or “Junk” folders to ensure the message was not filtered. *make sure that your email address is listed correctly *if you're sill not receiving mybappo emails, send us email to support@mybappo.com.

  • Q. Someone created a fake account using my business name and details

    please send us an email to support@mybappo.com and provide the following information, so that we may investigate and assist further: • your name • mobile number • all relevant details to help us during our investigation.

  • Q. Why I should use mybappo event?

    With mybappo events, your events will be directly added to your mybappo calendar and to all attendees calendars as well, you can confirm or cancel your attendance easily. You can create, publish, manage event privacy and search events easily.

  • Q. Can I change my subscription plan?

    Sure, you can change your plan at any time, but you will not be refunded for the current paid period.

  • Q. What happens to my account if I don't pay my subscription fee by the due date?

    If your subscription fee is not paid by the due date, your account will no longer appear to any of your customers/clients, they will not be able to book any appointments and you won't be able to make appointments either. You will still be able to log on, any changes you make will not appear to other users until you make the payment, after making the payment it will take a few days for your business to reappear.

  • Q. Do my team need a training to use mybappo?

    Using mybappo is very easy and simple, please check your business guide on the main page.

  • Q. How can I manage my contacts list on my business account?

    You can manage your list easily. Contacts details will be added directly to the contact list when your clients book appointments. And you can add or import contacts to your list. The contacts list can be edited at any time.

  • Q. What will happen if I don’t renew my business account?

    Your business account will not be be visible and customers will not be able to find you in mybappo. You can renew your registration at any time and your account will be returned to normal state.

  • Q. None of the business plans suit my need. Can I create a custom plan?

    At this stage we don’t have customized plans, this feature will be add to mybappo in the future.

  • Q. I still have more questions. How can I reach you?

    You can always send us any questions you have via the Contact Us page.

  • Q. What payment methods do you accept for business plan?

    We accept online payments from all major credit cards, all payments are processed by PayPal.

  • Q. Do you have mobile app?

    Our mobile app will be launched soon.

  • Q. As a business, I need to charge my clients a fee for appoitnments I make, can I accept payments online through MyBappo?

    No, mybappo doesn't process payments on your behalf.

  • Q. What's different about mybappo?

    mybappo, is a social calendar that allows consumers to search, find their businesses of interest, create and manage bookings with businesses online in an interactive manner. Many features where added to the platform that will change customer- business relationship.

  • Q. Can the business provide multiple bookings at same time?

    Yes, you can by setting multiple bookings option at your profile settings.

  • Q. How can I promote my business through mybappo?

    With mybappo you can upload videos and images that reflect and promote your business, provide discount vouchers to your clients, create and publish events and publish your announcements.

  • Q. How do I use business announcements?

    mybappo allows you to create and publish announcements for free where you can publish any information related to your business to your clients who will be notified automatically about the announcements.

  • Q. what is mybappo messages?

    mybappo messages is a way to chat with any of my beppo users whether they are general users or businesses.

  • Q. Are my payments details secure?

    Your payment details/cards are safely stored in our card vault which is heavily protected by Stripe.

* For any questions you may have please go to the "contact us" page.